“I’m ashamed to eat my fill, and when I see and read about what happens in this vile world, it’s impossible for me not to be revolted”

(from a letter dated the 28th of November, 1970)


Two concertos will be more in the spotlight in Paris in 2024: the Concerto for guitar and orchestra in memory of a murdered poet, F.G. LORCA, and the Capriccio for violin, recently released on CD, performed by Stéphanie Moraly. But this year will above all be a year preparing for future events of the first magnitude:

Détail de la façade, novembre 2023

  • The commemoration in 2027 of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the poet, French-speaking and of Lithuanian-Polish origin, OSCAR Vladislav de Lubicz MILOSZ – and of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Don MIGUEL MAÑARA, a great spiritual figure revered in Seville for having largely developed a charitable institution, Santa Caridad, still alive today.

The third character who brings together Oscar Milosz and Miguel Mañara is HENRI TOMASI, who composed from Milosz’s masterpiece for the theater, one of his own masterpieces for the Lyric Theater, Don Juan de Mañara, triumphantly premiered at the Munich Opera in 1956.

It was thus clear to the Henri Tomasi Association and the Association of Friends of Milosz to collaborate on a major CULTURAL EUROPEAN CO-PRODUCTION PROJECT between several OPERA HOUSES. The countries most directly affected are France, Poland, Lithuania and Spain. We invite you to discover this project in detail here (or the download version here).


CD Naxos «Complete works for violin by Henri Tomasi» by Stéphanie Moraly

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