Slide Composer and conductor (1901-1971) HENRI TOMASI WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE

“I’m ashamed to eat my fill, and when I see and read about what happens in this vile world, it’s impossible for me not to be revolted”

(from a letter dated the 28th of November, 1970)

October 1, 2021: a BALANCE SHEET without appeal (or almost)

Until this day, 18 countries have paid tribute to the music of TOMASI, but in this anniversary year, it is fortunately France which is in the lead with around sixty events (see detailed agenda). Among the most important:

– An international conference at the Sorbonne (IREMUS, some interventions…)

4 CDs as a world first: the complete works of violin performed by Stéphanie Moraly and Vincent David with the Orchester de la Garde Républicaine conducted by Sébastien Billard; the Trumpet Concerto in its original full version, performed by the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Fabien Gabel with Hakan Hardenberger, soloist; the String Trio by the Black Oak Ensemble; the Saxophone Concerto in an arrangement for 9 saxes by the Saxo Voce Ensemble (release end of 2021 or 2022).

The Making of 2 films: a short one directed by students from the college of Biguglia (Corsica) under the direction of their music teacher Emmanuelle Mariini; and a longer one by Paul Rognoni for FR3-Corse.

As for the live music, the most remarkable is the choice of major works too rarely programmed: The Silence of the Sea given 7 times in concert version, at the Marseille Opera (orchestra conducted by Clélia Cafiero), then – and it made even more sense… – at the Vichy Opera with baritone Marc Scoffoni (Mahlerian Camerata directed by Benjamin Garzia), also in Miramas, Corte and Biguglia with musicians from different Provençal conservatories directed by Jean-Philippe Dambreville, finally in Montreuil-s-mer and Paris by the Ensemble Euphonie Musica Nigella under the direction of Takénori Nemoto – The String Trio by the Black Oak Ensemble and the Agate Quartet in Corsica – The Violin Concerto in Mulhouse with the OSM conducted by Jacques Lacombe and with Elsa Grether as soloist – Finally, a most emblematic work, Retour à Tipasa, hymn to light on a text by Camus, performed 3 times in the Paris region (St-Denis, Montreuil, Stains) by the Divertiment Orchestra conducted by Zahia Ziouani and the Soli-Tutti vocal ensemble, then also in Nice with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Opera Choir conducted by Philippe Deloche.

In short, a very honorable balance sheet in this covid year, – but not… without appeal, because a lack is obvious: none theatrical creation, and in particular not that of L’Eloge de la folie ou l’élan vers le Tout (In praise of madness or an impulse towards the Whole) on an original text by Daniel Mesguich. So, here is our call :

Who – curious and daring enough –

will reveal this atypical and frenetic

“lyrical and choreographic play” !?

Audio extract