Slide Composer and conductor (1901-1971) HENRI TOMASI WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE

“I’m ashamed to eat my fill, and when I see and read about what happens in this vile world, it’s impossible for me not to be revolted”

(from a letter dated the 28th of November, 1970)

2020: first PREVIEWS on the COMMEMORATION of the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of 2021


Fifty years after his death and for the 120th anniversary of his birth, there are finally works of the years of revolt – of the “sixties! – which will be scheduled for 2021.

We will be able to (re) discover: Le Silence de la mer, from the story of VERCORS, undoubtedly the only lyric theater score on the Resistance, the Violin Concerto, périple d’Ulysse, inspired by GIONO and Hamlet , Retour à Tipasa from L’Eté de CAMUS, and, “last but not least”, Eloge de la folie, ère nucléaire, unbridled satire of the human species, for song and dance, on a text by Daniel MESGUICH proposed in world creation.

The masterpieces already recognized and passed on to posterity will always be widely present: the Trumpet Concerto of course, but renewed by an extensive finale, also given as a world premiere (thanks to a found manuscript), the Liturgical Fanfares (more and more often interpreted in the version with soprano), and especially the Requiem for peace less often heard.

The full recording of the works for violin and orchestra will be another world premiere. A third work dedicated to the musician, ABC’s Henri Tomasi du Cinquantenaire, will be published based on his letters and his “Autobiography on the tape recorder”.

The International Henri Tomasi Colloquium organized by IreMus and Sorbonne University will be held on May 6 and 7, 2021 in Paris; this time, the axes of reflection will be the fate of the composer’s work, the resonances of history and the ideas of the time, and otherness as a source of inspiration.

May these few glimpses of the current programming generate friendly support for our actions, but also and above all, give those who have artistic decision-making power the desire to design and produce new events.

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