Concerto for Violin (Ulysses Returns)



This concerto is beautiful, difficult and brilliant. Highly original, the orchestration never overwhelms the violin. The very modern language reminds one of Schoenberg/Berg, with more sunlight, more color.

Zino Francescatti


…The sense of revolt is expressed even more boldly in his Concerto pour Violon, composed in 1962. The music is violent, emaciated; we struggle to follow its logic, bursting as it is with emotion, terrifying virtuosity, and a fabulous, epic expressionism. Played by D. Erlih in a rhapsodic style filled with flashes of light, this troubling opus belongs to no known classical canons, and yet it is undeniably extracted from the inner substance.

Jacques Lonchampt

Le Monde, 4 May 1985, and Journal de Musique, 2001