Concerto for trombone and orchestra


Composed in 1956, it was ordered for the Contest of the CNSM of Paris of the same year.

The 1st audition took place in Paris February 13, 1957 by the Radio-symphonic orchestra under the author’s direction, with for soloist Maurice Suzan.

The 2nd audition took place in Paris December 10, 1957 with the orchestra of the Concert Pasdeloups directed by Serge Baudo; the soloist was Maurice Suzan.

Of a length of about 16 minutes, it involves 3 movements, thus presented by the composer:

– I – Andante and scherzo

All resources of the instrument are enhanced from this first time, virtuosity, sonorities, expression. The development is classic.

– II – Nocturnal

On a bottom of pedal evoking the night, an expressive theme, that will become thereafter more dramatic, and, after a crescendo of orchestra, will leave under shape of ” blues ” to fall again in the nocturnal calmness.

– III – Tambourine

In a furious rhythm and obstinato, one of the rhythmic cells of the cadence will be developed to the maximum for the more and more dynamic peroration (end)