Concerto for guitar and orchestra

In Memory of an Assassinated Poet


” This concerto is dedicated to the memory of Federico Garcia Lorca.

It evokes the last moments of the poet’s life, after he was locked up in prison. During several days and several nights, Lorca revisited all of the events of his lifetime; his mind was like a theater where different times, images, and poems all vied for attention. His childhood, his loved ones, everything passed by in flashes, to disappear forever… and be followed by the trepidation and horror of his last instants.

In an olive grove near Granada, at dawn on 19 July 1936, Federico was slain by the weapons of the pro-Franco faction. What the assassins were trying to annihilate in him was the flowing stream of his singular, unexpected songs of life… We now know that art and beauty don’t blossom in those places where freedom has been stifled. “


H. T.