A Letter by Manuel ROSENTHAL (1999)

 written for the the centennial of Henri TOMASI’s birth

and addressed to his son Claude Tomasi



Dear Friend,


It is with pleasure that I grant you the right to add my name to the Honorary Committee that will celebrate Henri Tomasi’s centennial. In the following lines, you will find a text concerning the personality of your father. With my best wishes.

“It is the École Française’s responsibility to appropriately celebrate the memory of Henri Tomasi and the extremely remarkable musician that he was.

His contribution to every form of music – melodies, instrumental works, lyrical compositions – all of these eminently worthy creations gave new inspiration to French music in their time. His symphonic poems Vocero and Tam-tam were quite innovative. His opera Don Juan de Mañara, first played at the Opera of Munich, was a rousing success. I hope to see it again soon on our Opera’s stage.

“Let us not forget that his talent as a composer was seconded by his qualities as a conductor who was exceedingly popular with the musical public.

“May the musical world – which has forgotten him far too easily – be reminded of all this during the year to come.”


Manuel Rosenthal

January 5, 1999