novembre, 2021

202118nov20 h 30 min☼ Show "Tomasi by Tomasi"


Bertrand Cervera, artistic director and co-creator with Marc Tomasi of this show, tells about the genesis of “Tomasi by Tomasi”. “Tomasi by Tomasi” Or the magic of creation. How to understand the gestation of a work, the blossoming of genius? How to find in a music the influences that it carries within it? At the beginning is an island people. Made up of historical, social, geographical complexities. Placed almost in the center of this mythical Mediterranean. Beauty, harshness … Everything has been said for sure. But there is this mystery of music. Henri Tomasi expressed this mystery. Marc Tomasi grabs it head on. We will mix the influences, dig the meanders of the sounds, irrigate their discoveries. This journey will begin with a song from the earth itself and will continue to our present. Henri Tomasi will thus find his place in this History-music. Like an indelible and beautiful marker.

Musicians: Bertrand Cervera, Miwa Rosso, Jonathan Nazet, Jae Won Lee and Sylvain Le Provost – Vocals: Claire Cervera, Christophe Mondoloni and Jean-Vincent Servetto

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(Jeudi) 20 h 30 min


Théâtre municipal, Rue Favalelli, 20200 Bastia – Corse - France