février, 2021

202107fev16 h 00 min☼ Printemps, Suite for 3 trumpets, To be or not to be, Corsican songs


Homage to Henri Tomasi: planned in the St-Jean-Baptiste church in Corpataux, this concert was to be the occasion at the time of the 50th anniversary of his death.

Prepared by Laurence Jeanningros and Jean-François Michel, the ensembles presented themselves without an audience for health reasons, but at the same place and on the same date as what was initially planned.

Musicians of the Haute École de Musique (HEMU) Vaud-Valais-Fribourg


– Printemps, for wind sextet: with Paulina Tsao, transverse flute – Forla Matteo, haubois – Yang Shuyun, clarinet – Alexandre Hochain, horn – Nicolas Mognetti, saxophone – Tubertini Martino, bassoon [video]
– Suite for 3 trumpets: with Rachel Israelievitch, Irène Hernandez and Gabriel Murisier [video]
– To be or not to be, Hamlet monologue: with Lee Man Tsung, Antoine Destéphany and Franko Casanova, trombones – Dino Ajdarpasic, solo bass trombone [video]
– Corsican songs – Lamentu di u trenu: with Hajatiana Rakotozafy, tenor and Romans Lions, piano [video]
– Corsican songs – Serenade, complaint: with Mia Tazi, soprano and Romains Lions, piano [video]
– Corsican songs – Nanna, berceuse: with Hajatiana Rakotozafy, tenor and Roman Lions, piano [video]

HEMU website / Video of the entire concert


(Dimanche) 16 h 00 min


Eglise St-Jean-Baptiste, 1727 Corpataux-Magnedens - Suisse